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Regional Brands

The Regional Brand
Quality in the Name of Nature
home_pruefzeichen.gif On the basis of our philosophy „Living from the landscape“we identify and award products and services with the local brand of the biosphere reserve, this is controlled by our certifying board.

The label „Prüfzeichen“ (Regional brand) makes sure:
  • the labelled products are quality-checked following the strict guide-lines.
  • The goods you’ve bought are produced in the biosphere reserve or the surrounding region in a sustainable manner.
  • The goods are fresh, delicious and have a high health value, due to short delivery distances.
  • The primary products mostly stem from the biosphere reserve or from the surrounding region.
  • Our eco-sensitive restaurants and hotels offer good regional cuisine, excellent service, first-rate facilities and comprehensive local information.
  • Our special touristic offers bring you close to nature, combined with a fresh regional picnic.
  • The handcrafts consist of local raw materials or have been manufactured in the biosphere reserve and its surroundings.
  • The retailers and regional shops carrying the Regional brand offer in particular regional goods, products and other specialties.
Criteria and preconditions for awarding the „Prüfzeichen“ for goods
and services in the biosphere reserve and the surrounding regions

We award the protected regional label if minimum requirements on regionalism and quality are fulfilled and the economic activities of the applicants don’t impair the biosphere reserve and its main goal. The minimum requirements are defined in a catalogue of criteria.
  • regionalism
  • Quality and quality of the service
  • possibility to check and documentary proof (or Control and Verification)
  • environmental protection
  • quality of the surroundings
  • declaration, information, promotion e.g.